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Timeless Truth brings to you, an array of luxurious face masks with proven clinically testing to give you naturally healthy and beautiful skin. 


Timeless Truth professional sheet masks are recognized as the world's premier sheet mask, as one of the longest established leading sheet mask brands offering award winning bio-cellulose mask using the latest and highest quality sheet mask technology to enhance facial  treatments   They are also a multi award-winning mask at Pure Beauty Awards and lead the way in sheet mask technology.

Timeless Truth sheet masks are paraben-free and cruelty-free. 


Instant Results; 15-20 mins treatment and noticeable improvement after single treatment with
anti-ageing benefits shown after 3 treatments

Effortless & Convenient; Effortless and easy to apply with no product mess or wastage with measured product and no waste to clear up afterwards in single convenient sachets

Suits All Skin Types & Budget; A mask to suit every skin type or condition and budget


Bio Cellulose Anti-Ageing Series

Our Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Series utilizes high-grade organic Bio Cellulose to achieve maximum penetration and adsorption of active beauty ingredient into your skin to produce visible results.

Bio Cellulose can up to hold 100x its' dry weight and is hydrophilic, which is the ability to adsorb and donate moisture to the contacted skin surface. This unique ability makes Bio Cellulose the top of line material for a face mask in the market.

The diameter of bio-cellulose fibre is about 30 nm, less than the diameter of skin grooves which is 50 nm; When applied, bio-cellulose mask fits the face like a second skin. Bio-cellulose is a specialised nano scale fiber structure serving as a high volume reservoir, holding moisture up to 30 mins while allowing air to freely transfer and the skin to breathe.

Bio-cellulose mask fits perfectly like your second skin due to it’s high skin compatibility; it increases additional contact surface area for wrinkles and crevices which maximise the area of absorption of effective ingredients, creating a tight bond with the skin for a premium skincare result in the dermis layer. Bio Cellulose offer the best choice for professional treatments and are particularly suited for ageing skin and therefore more advanced anti-ageing treatments.

Soft Touch Cotton Mask Series

TENCEL Series designed with TENCEL SKIN technology, which is a bio-degradable fiber that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and more refreshing than linen, making it one of the best materials for face masks, suitable for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin.

These can be used for  treatment enhancement home use between treatments.  As this range is made of Bemliese cotton, they are very soft and suitable for sensitive skin.

Black Charcoal Sheet Mask Series


Made from Rayon Fiber with natural purifying activated charcoal added during the process of producing the masks (mask cloth is slightly thicker than other masks and black in appearance). Activated charcoal draws out deep-dwelling pore cloggers, removes impurities, promotes circulation and cell turn-over/ renewal.

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